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I was starting to feel a lot more welcome and comfortable in with the disc golf community, after a season and a few events to scope out the scene. The feeling of not fitting in, was going away. One of the ladies, Carla, from the Parkside of the Moon event had become my friend on Facebook, and Carla being kind, caring and cool as a cucumber with a similar interest in plants we started chatting more. Over time, we started to get to know each other better, and as of I consider Carla to be a true disc golf sister to me. In I was shy, nervous and unsure if I would ever be like the disc golf gals that I met at Parkside of the Moon.

Reflecting back over the last 9 years I can certainly say I have learned a lot from them. Carla and I, as mentioned, over time got to know each other and have worked on growing disc golf in Wisconsin for women for years now. Barrett White, being a disc golf icon, had me in awe. For the first couple of years I was too nervous and shy to say hi to her if I saw her at my local course or event. My husband Jason being the outgoing fellow he is, would say hi to her, but I would hope that I would go unnoticed.

This all changed in when I was playing an event that Barrett was also at. First round we played together, and my nerves must have created laser focus, cause I was playing on a higher level than normal. In between rounds there was a close race for 1st place with me and another gal. Barrett came up to me and gave me a fist bump and some words of encouragement—I was shaking with excitement, it was the confidence boost I needed to win the event.

With words from a hero of mine, I was really starting to know I was welcome with the disc golf family. Flash forward to Barrett is still a hero of mine, but also one of my closest disc golf friends, and we have enjoyed many many rounds of disc golf together. Last reflection before I wrap it up.

I mentioned the GMO and coming in last place and meeting some disc golf ladies. Well the woman who won the GMO Jennifer Thatcher, has also become one of my closest disc golf friends. However,our competitive beginnings have brought forth a wonderful friendship of support and disc golf. I suggest you embrace the comforts of being uncomfortable and sign up for your first disc golf tournament this year.

You will be competing against women from the whole world of similar skill level to you. Click here to find an event in your area:. I started playing disc sports around when I played on a recreational ultimate Frisbee team in high school. When I went to college, I played on the competitive co-ed team starting in My friends and I used to throw Frisbees around campus and use light poles and trash cans as targets.

In , one of my professors took me to the campus-owned disc golf course, and I played my first legitimate round. I mostly throw backhand but often use forehand for putter upshots. I developed this skill from throwing an ultimate disc for years. I would choose my life partner Shawn Sinclair. When Shawn was on tour full time, he was one of the top pros in the world!

Although we play for fun all the time, we have never partnered up for a doubles event. I know that we would have a ton of fun and not take things too seriously. I wanted to make sure that I felt comfortable and confident enough to play in the big leagues. I played amateur for six years, albeit I took a year off from tournaments to do a year of volunteering with AmeriCorps, and had to work my game back up when I returned to competing. After I placed second at Am Worlds, I figured it was time to move up.

You can imagine how happy I was to not only get into the semi-finals, but to take second by only five strokes! Moving up to pro is really a personal decision that is different for everyone. I considered how well I did locally and statewide at the time I was living in Columbia, SC , and I had won several advanced tournaments up to that point. I knew it would take me some time to become a strong competitor in the pro field, but decided it was time to take the leap. After playing on my college team at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, I played a bit recreationally in AmeriCorps in , and I tore my meniscus.

That kind of sealed the deal for me for awhile. There was a definite learning curve for me when it came to throwing golf discs. It was hard — there were so many options! No way! Unfortunately, we lost our little girl Bamboo last year at 16 years old, but we have our one-year-old boys Otis and Bruno. They are quite a handful! Follow me at iggy.

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This event is special to me because I lost my mom to cancer when I was 11 years old, and I am very passionate about raising awareness and money for cancer research. All of these amazing people make this event special. Players include world champions as well as first-timers and all skill levels in between. Each year, my goal is to not only raise as much money as possible, but also to ensure that everyone has a ridiculous amount of fun.

My hope is that no one leaves empty-handed. Along with a players pack, I typically have 50 CTP prizes, a ring of fire, a large raffle, and other fun side games. This year, we have some sponsors who are stepping up big time, including Smoky Mountain Discs, our title sponsor; the Columbia Sports Council, who is providing lunch for all players and volunteers; DiscStalker, who always provides a free item in our player pack; Innova Discs, who gave me an awesome sponsorship package for ordering tournament discs; and Paragon Discs, who sent me a hefty box of apparel.

This illness and time of rest has provided a great deal of insight and inspiration. Who would have thought something so awful as the influenza virus could provide an opportunity for a new blog series? As my husband reminds me their is always a silver lining to every experience. A silver lining to being laid up with the flu is the prospect of being healthy, productive and back to your normal self. All the down time has allowed free space in my mind to think of new ideas.

Several days of feeling uncomfortable have taught me to appreciate the feelings of comfort. Early this morning I was unable to sleep due to my various flu related symptoms. I started thinking about being uncomfortable. We do whatever we can to stay in our comfort zone.

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I am often guilty of being one of these humans. Writing this blog post made me a little uncomfortable. The topics in this blog series may also bring up feelings of discomfort. I know that growth, strength and learning often do not come from a place of comfort. Playing disc golf is fun! I invite you to our monthly series where we will cover different disc golf topics and situations that may make you feel uncomfortable.

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I probably threw my first disc in the spring of With only one tourney under my belt I ended up winning my first tournament. Driving, approaching or putting? What is the strongest part of your disc golf game? Approach as of the season. It seems every year I have a good grasp on one aspect of the game whether it be putting, driving and or approach.

I strive for the day my brain and body collide to have a well-rounded game. It is a fact that you and your lovely wife Tracey are dedicated to traveling to various states to play disc golf for various reasons. Oregon without a doubt. I see Val Doss always posting on Facebook about the scenery and camping up there so why not get a round in with her while visiting a gorgeous state.

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If you were curious Alaska would be next. In your opinion what disc or type of disc should every disc golf lady have in her bag? A putter!! Why not-Stability. Do not give up. I know you feel intimidated but someday with practice and determination you to will be driving that far and making all those putts. Pickard Des Moines. Walnut Ridge Des Moines. Turkey Creek Iowa City. Bevel , of course. Made by, drank by and loved by disc golfers. If you could have anyone in the whole world as a partner for a doubles round of disc golf who would it be?

Do your plans include competing in the Amateur Worlds competition in North Carolina? Or do you have other aspirations for ? Thank you. I do not plan on attending Worlds. I have played the last two Worlds and it requires a lot of vacation time. Tracey and I have thrown around the idea of playing more of the tournaments where our friends are. I played three Majors this year and I truly feel I missed seeing a lot of my friends.

Sometime this year I hope to get my feet wet and run a tournament of my own. I hope to make it an all ladies tourney — so I hope to see some of you gals here in the Quad Cities. I started playing waaaay back in , the summer that I got married. My husband Eric Vandenberg loved to play catch with his friends. He always wanted to attend the Canadian National Frisbee Championships but had never found out in advance when the tournament was being held pre-internet days.

We noticed a flyer announcing the competition and went to see the competition, expecting to see freestyle, but instead when we arrived the competitors were playing disc golf. Eric was immediately excited about the discovery of a Frisbee sport that could be played solo, rather than needing a partner of similar ability. The next weekend we were out on the Island with our g pro models trying to putt into heavy chained baskets. In September the new high-tech Innova Aero had arrived in Canada and we started buying these for ourselves, our family and our friends.

I would certainly have quit the sport if it had not been for the Aero since my short fingers could not get a good grip on the Midnight Flyer and I was pretty much hopeless at that point. In contrast, I could get a nice grip on the Aero and it actually flew a little bit for me. I had little arm strength, no wrist snap and there was absolutely no indication that the situation would ever improve.

It is only because Eric was well and truly hooked on the sport that I continued in any fashion at all. In Eric started competing and I tagged on as a groupie, and observing the female players. The year after that I had improved enough that I felt ready to start competing myself. Disc technology has evolved and is continuing to evolve, what are the biggest changes you have noticed? The next cutting edge disc was almost literally the Eclipse by Discraft, which had a much sharper rim configuration than any other disc to that time.

Lightning had a few discs that were extremely popular including their initial release called the P They subsequently made some discs in very light weights — g which was contrary to the trend of making discs as heavy as technical standards would allow. Players found that these light discs got more distance especially with a tailwind.

Discraft had another big hit with the Cyclone, which had more glide than other discs of the time. Just recently Eric unearthed a series of articles where many top players, now sponsored by other manufacturers, listed the Cyclone as one of their key drivers. Another key turning point was the introduction of the Prodigy brand. With the success of Prodigy a flurry of additional disc manufacturing companies has subsequently arisen.

In the past few years there has been an increasing trend in disc manufacturing companies outside of the US. Currently, 7 companies offer more than 40 discs and a total of companies have PDGA approved discs. I could not have foreseen this proliferation of discs and manufacturing companies when I started playing long ago. I very much enjoy my home course, Valley Springs , in Durham. It has ups and downs through a pine forest with a balance of long and short holes requiring a variety of angles.

There are multiple tees and a few holes also have two baskets, adding to the diversity of the course. Castle Hayne in Wilmington is another wonderful course. It demands precise placement of the drive in order to have the correct angle for the next shot.

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You are awesome parents having them outside and the patience to get through 9 holes. And chasing squirrels. The birdiebeads at the clearwaterdiscgolfstore are too basic for me. So I decided to make my own! New fresh purple plastic from the Clearwater disc golf store. They hooked me up with some deals and even threw in a free shirt.

Getting some Lunchtime putting practice in with all these putters I picked up at the clearwater disc golf store. So this happened on Friday but the weekend was so busy that I didn't have time to post it My little 6 month old butterball is growin up! Before I know it, he's going to be out in the course with me trying to beat me!

I was stuck at this place for a min! Dope store! The mail today was tight. This picture does this disc no justice.. Discgolfers from Indianapolis at Clearwater. Good choice of discs guys! I'm the one on the right, in the blue shirt. What a fun league that was! Powered by X-Cart. Sign in Register. Gift cards. Premium gift card.

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